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In online business, only a few things are harder than getting visitors to your new website or blog.

There are two kinds of web traffic sources—free traffic sources and paid traffic sources. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Paid traffic sources are often preferred by new businesses online because they are virtually unlimited and they roll in as quickly as possible. This saves a lot of time and you can begin tracking and optimizing earlier. The only downside is that once you stop paying, the traffic stops coming in.
Another problem with the paid traffic sources is that if you’re not an expert in that area, take some online courses to master it. If you can’t go through the trouble of learning paid advertising, you can just hire an expert in that area to manage your advertising campaigns for you. And if you dive right in to paid advertising without knowing much about it, you might lose a lot of money with no result to show for it; or if you’re the optimistic type, it can be a very expensive way to learn.

Free traffic sources are a lot more complex than that. Most of them take time to build, but once you’ve set them up properly, they keep sending you traffic even long after you’ve stopped building them.

So which of these traffic sources should you choose? We prefer both. You should pay for the traffic until your SEO efforts pay off; until you’ve built some following on social media and explored other free methods of getting traffic.

If you’re really strap for cash and you have no other option but to get visitors to your site for free, we’ve listed some of the best free traffic sources that to drive the most visitors to your site in the shortest period.


1. Quora

Quora is an online forum/question-and-answer site. People go there to ask different questions from professional advice to personal opinions and everything in between. We hate spamming, so does the folks on Quora and everybody else so please don’t spam their website with links to your site. Instead, create a stunning profile that positions you as an expert in your field. The profile should include a nice bio and, of course your website address.

You should find questions related to the solutions your product or service can provide, answer the question the best way you know. You can recommend an article on your blog after your detailed answer so that people can read for more details if you have an article on your site that provides more info on the question.

You can learn more about Quora and how to leverage it to get visitors to your
site in this article:

2. Reddit Reddit

Reddit is another large internet forum designed to help people find the most interesting contents on the web. From links to helpful articles to funny pictures to interesting videos and everything in between, Reddit is the best place to find them all.

Seriously, there is a forum (AKA subreddit) for everything you can ever imagine! It doesn’t matter whether you like sports or automobiles or luxury life or any other thing you can always find the right subreddit for you.

Now that you’ve known why this site is so amazing, let’s find a way to drive traffic to your website without spamming the site.

First, you need to submit only your best blog posts in the right subreddits. You should be active on the site and don’t post links to your site more than twice a week.

Then you wait and let Reddit users decide whether they like your article or video. If they like it, it will go viral on its own. But if your post sucks, you should be expecting a lot of down vote and criticism since such posts ruin the overall site experience. If you spam, you might get banned or get your account get ghosted.

To learn more about Reddit and how to get free traffic from the site, read the article below:

3. Twitter

This is a social network that needs no introduction. The usual rule applies to this network, never spam.

Getting traffic to your website through this network takes some time. Building a following on Twitter takes even more time.

With that out of the way, let’s see how you can drive traffic to your website with Twitter.

First, you need to create an interesting profile and fill it with good tweets and retweets. Your profile should contain information about your products or services. It should also have your website address on it.

Next, be active on the website. Take part in discussions in your field using popular hash tags. Find celebrities in your field, check their latest tweets, and get the attention of their active followers.

You can find their active followers by checking out the celebrity’s profile, those followers that engage with those tweets are who you want to target. Those celebrity followers that retweet the celebrity’s tweet or comment or like it are your priority.

To get the active celebrity followers’ attention, you can follow them and like some of their tweets. The goal is that you want them to notice your activities and check out your profile. There they can check out the information on your profile, follow you back, or visit your website.

If you want to make the process a little faster after following a person, like comment or retweet some of their tweets. That way, they get multiple notifications about your activities and they will notice you faster.

To learn more about building a stunning profile and getting for traffic from Twitter, read the article below:

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So there you have it: 3+ free traffic sources for new websites and blogs. Which of them are you using right now? Which of them will you try first? Do you have one or more free traffic sources we can add to this list? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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