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Top 10 Websites to Make Money Online in 2020

Would you like to make money online? Of course you do, that’s why you’re reading this in the first place. Since that’s pretty clear. Let me save you a long, boring introduction and dive right in. In this article, I will show you the 10 best websites to make money online. Most of these websites have no technical requirements and they pay out fast. That means there is no reason for you not to register on these websites and start making money right away.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

Top 10 Websites to Make Money Online in 2020

“Never depend on a single income, make investments to create a second source.” - Warren Buffett


One of the best methods to invest and create a second source of income is to invest in the stock market. The problem is that it takes time and a lot of practice to master this investment skill and if you’re not very careful;It is one of the easiest ways to lose a lot of money quickly.

The good news is - you don’t have to master the skill of investing in the stock market before you make money in the stock market. All you have to do is to copy a successful trader and make the same investments they make, when they lose, you lose, when they make a profit, you do too.

That is exactly what Etoro will help you do! There are thousands of successful traders on the platform that will allow anyone to copy them automatically.

To get started all you need to do is:
  • Create and account
  • Activate and fund your account.
  • Copy a successful trader
  • Wait for your profit or loss.

Once the person you copy makes a trade, Etoro automatically makes the same trade on your behalf and you invest like a pro from day one. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re a successful trader, you can also allow people to copy you because you earn a percentage of their profit. The more people that copy you, the more money you make on each trade you make.
“It’s not about how much you earn; It’s about how much you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” - Robert Kiyosaki.


This is a forex trading platform that allows you to learn forex trading with a demo forex trading account. Once you’ve learned the in and out of forex, you can move to the real account where you’d be given free $30 to trade with. Once you’ve started trading in your real account and you’re making a profit, you can withdraw your earning into a Bitcoin wallet.
Since you have a demo account to practise with and free $30 to trade with, you don’t have to fund your wallet to make more. Even if you lose the $30, you’ll learn some lessons from that and you have lost none of your hard-earned money. It’s 100% risk free and you can start making money for free.


Do you enjoy listening to music? Of course you do, who doesn’t. The good news is - you can get paid to listen to music.

Some companies want to know what people think of their music before they spend lots of money, time and resources promoting it. If the public thinks the music sucks, chances are no matter how much money they spend promoting it, it won’t perform well. So they prefer to pay people like you and me to preview and review the songs. They get the public opinion and you get some money in your pocket for your time and review. Everybody wins.

Some other companies with different products thought that’s a great idea, so they joined the bandwagon. Now you can review more than music on And just as the name suggested, there’s enough piece to go round. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on to get your piece of the pie.


Inboxdollars is a survey site. You can get paid to take surveys, watch videos, play games and so on. You won’t get rich using sites like this but if you stack them up together, you can make a few extra hundred dollars every month in your free time.


Swagbucks is a good alternative to inboxdollars or better still, a good site to compliment inboxdollars’ income. You perform similar tasks to that of inboxdollars plus, Swagbucks will give you a $5 sign up bonus once you’ve activated your account.


Another legit site to compliment your income from Inboxdollars and Swagbucks. You perform similar tasks like completing surveys and doing other boring stuff. They’ve been in this game for more than a decade now and they’ve paid out millions of dollars to their users.


This is a site that created for people to outsource tasks that even computer find too boring. Lol. You get paid for tasks like data-entry and other boring stuff. If you’re desperate for some extra cash, this is an option you can explore.


This is the obvious one. All you have to do is find useful stuffs from one dollar stores, garage sales, creigslist and every other place you can find cheap stuffs and then resell them for higher prices on eBay.


Another awesome service by Amazon that allows anyone anywhere, in any field, to publish ebooks and real books for 100% free. Have you ever encountered a nagging problem and finally found a permanent solution? You can write a short book about that experience in your spare time. When you’re done editing, formatting, and proofreading, follow the following steps:
  • Upload your book
  • Choose a cover design
  • Set your price
  • Publish
  • Promote
  • Get paid as long as people buy your book
  • Expect your earnings to be anatomically sent to your bank account every month.
  • Write another book and repeat step I to IX (if you want)

The sky is your limit if you choose to make money online with this Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing).

Would you like to make $500 or more per day on Facebook? If your answer is yes, then read this article:

And that’s it folks - the 10 best websites to make money online easily in 2020. Which of these websites do you like most? Which of them would you like to start with? Let’s know your thought in the comment section.

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